Limitation Of Movement On Syrian Refugees Entrepreneurs

Integration of Refugees - Fifth Edition of the Averroes Academy

Turkey is a home to the largest refugee population in the world. During 2017, the number of Syrians under temporary protection reached just over 3.6 million.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Government of Turkey has consistently extended protection and assistance to Syrian refugees through the Law 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection (2013), which (There is a) defined a Temporary Protection (TP) regime for Syrian refugees. The TP regulation sets out the framework that governs admission, registration and exit. It also explains the rights and responsibilities of those under the TP, and regulates the identification process and services to be provided. Among the requirements, refugees are “obliged to reside in the assigned province, temporary accommodation center or other location” and comply with “reporting requirements as determined by provincial Governorates”. This provision clearly authorizes Directorate General Of Migration Management DGMM to limit freedom of movement of temporary protection beneficiaries to a particular province, a particular camp or another location. 

Syrians residing outside of government-run camps, have largely settled in urban areas alongside Turkish communities, signaling an opportunity for harmonizing and economic contribution.

The wave of Syrian refugees has several impacts on the Turkish economy and society through different channels; Syrian refugees have become an economic actor in Turkey not only with their labor supply decisions, but also with their entrepreneurial skills. On 15 January 2016, the Government of Turkey formalized the Regulation on Work Permits for Foreigners under Temporary Protection, allowing Syrians under Temporary Protection to apply for work permits. A total of 8,367 new Syrian companies were founded in 2017, up from a mere 157 in 2012. The share of Syrian companies in total foreign partnerships reached 26 percent in 2015.And it is increasing more and more.

The limitation of movement of Syrian refugees in Turkey is affecting the refugees personal and business development as they often need to travel to other cities to hold deals or to attend conferences or workshops, and for each trip, they must acquire the travel permission document in each time they need to leave their city. And this may not always easy to get due to some technical issues or time limitation. Many bargains could be lost and many chances of development could be missed, and this has significant impact on the economic side.

In this policy paper, we are going to highlight the effect of the movement limitations of the Syrian refugees entrepreneurs, who have registered their businesses legally in Turkey; And we will try to show the difficulties that they are facing while trying to get a travel permit document and what positive change can be if they could have easier access to the different Turkish cities. 

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تضخم البطالة في فلسطين

تعد البطالة العالية في فلسطين من الأسباب الرئيسية التي ساعدت على إرهاق مستقبل الشعب الفلسطيني في ظل الأزمات الاقتصادية والسياسية كالممارسات الإسرائيلية المستمرة يوميا والقيود التي تفرضها دولة الاحتلال على الشعب والحكومة الفلسطينية

تحفيز الاستثمارات الخاصة في البنية التحتية في مصر:

الاستثمار الخاص سواء المحلي أو الأجنبي من أهم ركائز النمو الاقتصادي. ويتخذ المستثمر قراره الاستثماري وفقا لمَوَاطِن تعظيم العائد والربحية. في مصر، وعلى الرغم من أن مشروعات البنية التحتية تتميز بالعائد المضمون والمستقر وعلى الرغم من وضع الدولة قانون

ترخيص سيارات الأجرة المعتمدة على التطبيقات الذكية

يعد قطاع النقل أساس ترتكز عليه مجمل النشاطات الأخرى في العملية الاقتصادية، حيث تحدد بحسبه المدة اللازمة لنقل الموظفين والعاملين إلى أماكن عملهم، وما يرتبط بذلك من رفع أو خفض لمستوى الإنتاجية. وكما في العديد من الدول النامية يعاني هذا القطاع في الأرد